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    Undas Weekend at Cordillera

    Mga 2 months ago, nadiskubre ko na may long weekend pala sa katapusan ng October. Ayos. Parang awit sa tenga kase ang ‘long weekend’. Ibig sabihin, mahaba-habang pahinga...

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    Drifting through Mt. Balagbag + Mt. Maranat

    I feel so blessed to be born and raised in Rizal. It’s a 2-hour ride province from Metro Manila that has it all – falls, rivers, mountain range, caves...

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    The Mt. Pulag Diary

    REAL-TIME ENTRY 10:11PM TERMINAL - Pasado alasdyes umalis ang bus. Masaya kaming nagkita-kita sa terminal. Si Drew, si Jaja, si Emjhay, si Alfred, si Erli, si Efraim and...

This kembular na review is 5 days late. Got the privilege to see GOYO in its premiere night last August 30 through an invitation from a friend in RainOrShine, the paint brand that provided paint (malamang) to the film. And while you may have the possibility to compare Goyo with its prequel Heneral Luna, these expectations may guide you to appreciate Goyo as a justifiable sequel. 1.  Heneral Luna is not Goyo. Aggressive si Heneral Luna, while Goyo is more intimate. Heneral Luna struggles externally, while Goyo is…

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Mt Pigingan

A breakup is often never easy. Kasi kung naging madali ang breakup, ibigsabihin hindi naging totoo ang pagmamahal. At kung naging mahirap ang breakup, mas mahirap ang next stage, ang moving on. Sabi nila, kung gaano ka kalalim or katindi nagmahal, ganoon din kahirap ang magiging moving on stage mo. The toughest ingredient of moving on is the pain. Everything boils down to pain. Which is the cause of loneliness, anxiety and sometimes, depression. The good news is, pain from a breakup is only temporary. Lilipas din. Mawawala….

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The classroom suddenly gets filled with laughter. Everyone is attentive and everyone is excited to win a prize. It was supposed to be a normal day for selected Grade 2 students of Inuman Elementary School. Little did they know that today, its gonna be a bit different. Few weeks ago, I kept thinking about how can I make by 30th birthday celebration more memorable. I know for sure it’s not gonna be another pizza day in the office or Sunday night bonding with church friends. So I thought about spending…

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