Heneral Luna, Just What We Need Today

Whew! I really don’t know where to begin. Its just the 2nd day of this film and I know this will be hit, well hopefully. But Heneral Luna is the perfect balance of everything cinematic!

A breath of freshest air to the Philippine cinema and a historical film like no other, really, like-no-other. The performances are superb na tipong papalakpakan mo literally because this is the kind of acting we’ve been missing for the longesssst time. The casting is more than excellent as every character complements each other. Hindi ko alam pero itong mga artistang to ang dapat na sikat!

It was a perfect balance and proportion of violence, wit, heroism and melodrama. The visuals are stunning given a meager budget and the script is as poetic as hell. The visuals alone is an essay itself. The kind of visual that you know hindi gagawin ng Viva at Star Cinema on their regular mainstreams because they fear the risk for contemporary narrative.

The film depicts Heneral Luna as performed by Arcilla, as an ordinary but aggressive person, nasasaktan, nagkakamali, nagmumura, and not the usual iconic hero you would see in previous historical films like El Presidente, Tirad Pas or Bonifacio na laging mabait. Tarog, the director, have taken his guts to a premium level for coming up with a project so intelligent, clever, precise, delightful and well-balanced.

I never regret choosing Heneral Luna over Maze Runner 2. Sa panahon na puro KathNiel, JaDine, Aldub or some cheap adultery flicks ang nananaig sa kabataang pinoy, Heneral Luna is such a brilliant takeaway every millennial should see.

FYI, students get 50% off upon presenting their valid ID. #HeneralLuna #HindiPaTaposAngRebolusyon

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