FARGO, An Absurd Masterpiece

Here I am again. Don’t know where to start. This often happens every time I come across with a masterpiece. And behold, Fargo is a masterpiece.
Detailed and symbolical cinematography. Great, talented and charming cast. Profound opening scenes. Unique story line filled with dark humor and absurdity. Expertly executed photography (yes I so love the photography!). Outstanding editing and directing. Music that capture feelings. And above all, a well-written work of art. 
Never a dull moment, or maybe you may think about some scenes as dull or slow, but sooner you’ll understand those scenes are actually keys. Executions are far from mainstream crime and reconciliation dramas. No car chase. No DNA & fingerprint scanning. No news program reporting the crime. No F word. No loud crying. Just blood, riddles, a quiet community, discreet clues, odd twists, a chubby female cop, snow, a lot of snow… And an antagonist who lured the town with his malice and deception.
The series is so funny you’ll never know when to laugh. And it’s so thrilling you’ll never know when to scream. I never thought there’s such a thing or genre as dark comedy, yes really. Or maybe I’ve seen a few without realizing it. But this one is sooo different. When you are into artistic approach of story telling without being either too deep or too obvious, this is the series to catch. No wonder why its heralded as ‘critically acclaimed’ coz it deserves that title so much.Fargo is for both thinkers and non-thinkers, smart and foolish, sentimental and plain tough. Fargo successfully combined humor and crime while maintaining story dignity and a plot that is worthy of respect.
Excited to see Season 2 recently premiered to FX starring Kirsten Dunst, new cast, new crime, new potential favorite.



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