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HERE COMES THE BRIDE is a milestone on Philippine comedy entertainment! So far it is one of the funniest comedy films I saw recently following the degree of Kimi Dora and Dead Na Si Lolo. Here Comes The Bride under Quantum FIlms is said to be produced as an independent film but due to reported budget issue, Star Cinema together with OctoArts co-produced the film making it a complete project. 

Here Comes The Bride is a story about freak accident that causes five very different people to swap souls right before a big wedding. As the five try to figure things out and return to their bodies, they quickly learn to appreciate looking at life from a very different perspective.
The casting is powerful and direk Chris Martinez was able to provide equal exposure for the five main characters without overshadowing each other. The cast performed so nicely that you can barely identify who is who. Angelica Panganiban who posses the soul of John Lapus did an awesome performance for the role with a gripping and top to bottom film language. Of course Eugene Dominggo contributed a marvel of comic feat for the entire film. Personally it is always a huge attraction for me see Eugene Dominggo in a film. Her performance in Here Comes the Bride, as usual, is superb and a laught-out-loud thing! Putting additional mix of Kuya Kim, Cherry Pie and other stars like the bride’s hunk husband-to-be make, it a complete fiesta summer comedy! 
When I took the tickets from the booth I expected the price to be like around 130-140 since one of my friends told me that it only cost such. I was surprised when my 300 Pesos didnt fit for two people. But afterall, it was really a fun experience seeing a high quality mainstream like this. I really cant say any negative feedback about the film. There were no dull moments and its noticing that the plot has been carefully created and the production design is a hardwork. 
Sabi nga ni Angelica Panganiban mula sa katauhan ni John Lapus, ACHIEVE NA ACHIEVE! =D

Here Comes The Bride is still showing on SM Cinemas and Robinsons Movieworld.

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