#Byahe – Tambobong Beach, Pangasinan

Just like what I always say, “who needs the crowded Boracay when you’re just looking for white sand beach?“. We got plenty of that in Luzon. Surprisingly, Tambobong Beach in Dasol, Pangasinan is a fascinating discovery for Manila beach bums looking for pure white-sand shore experience.

Here are the 10 photos to tell you the story.

1. GETTING THERE. Went there via public transpo. Bus in Cubao, Jeep in Pangasinan proper and tryc which will drive you off to Tambobong Beach.


2. ARRIVAL.¬†11:34AM. Groupie ritual before heading to the quarter we’ve reserved prior to our schedule. It would be very difficult to simply walk in to any resort in peak season. So getting in touch with the place to stay is always the better way.


3. ANG BALSA. Nearby the shore is a boat-like structure commonly known as balsa. We thought everyone is free to get into it so why not grab the moment for photo opts! Haha.


4. MORE BALSA MOMENT. Emote pa more! #feelinglost


5. TAMBOBONG KIDS. These are the kids I’ve met while just observing my friends from a far. Like many other kids in provinces, their parents are either farmers or fishermen. And almost all of them are related to each other as they are also born and raised in the place. Sad thing is, their parents¬†r . Long story.

Tambobong Kids

6. FOUND A BIKE. Actually borrowed it from one of the kids’ cousins. Drove the tiny street until the rain came through. It was cloudy when I started biking that day in Tambobong. The wind is refreshing.

Tambobong Beach

7. THE MAJESTIC MYSTIQUE ISLAND. Island Hopping is one of the most requested activities when going to a beach. Tambobong beach has it! And local boatmen call the island “Mystique Island”. And this where you can really find the pure white-sand beach I told you earlier. Mystique Island is around 20 minutes away from Tambobong Beach.

Mystique Island

8. BEHOLD THE PURENESS. I think this the best part of our Dasol trip. Mystique Island is simply majestic. The sand and the rocks are just completely complimentary. Clear water and tiny waves are just too adorable. When you visit Dasol, Pangasinan, Mystique Island is totally a must-see.

9. SPLENDID SIDE OF THE EARTH. Just when you thought Pangasinan is just a place for their signature Bangus or puto Calasiao, you might also be surprised that Pangasinan is also a haven of tourism-worthy beaches aside from Hundred Islands & Bolinao. Tambobong has really something good to offer too. Note: These are unfiltered photos.

Mystique Island, Pangasinan

10. WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED. I don’t know how many people have been here or how popular or not this place is. I even did not look for blog posts about Tambobong. We were actually supposed to go somewhere. But choosing Dasol over our other Pangasinan options is definitely the right decision.

Mystique Island, Pangasinan


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