Ortigas & Company Sportsfest 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I came to work with the people from Ortigas and Company Limited Partnership (OCLP), Greenhils site. OCLP is one of country’s major realty and property developers managed by Ortigas siblings. They own the well-known Ortigas Center, Greenhills Shopping Center and other business and property establishments across NCR. 
This is the first time OCLP organized a major sporting event for their employees and a part of that event is the cheerdance competition. I was asked by Ms. Veron Atienza, a churchmate and a former admin officer of Ayala Co. to help them with their presentation. Backed with my little experience in dancing (ohaa..) and somewhat talent, (ehemm) I agreed with the invitation. We took 2-3 practices per week, that’s Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The YELLOW TEAM was so eager to join and win the competition. I just gave basic steps to choreograph the presentation with a little touch of remix and techno with no major aerial exhibitions since their capacity limits that. And it was fun!
Yellow Team with the OCLP big bosses on the center.
We did have a great time organizing their cheerdance presentation and they were so excited about it. Greenhills peeps are very kind and accommodating, and their optimism and energy became their major assets which eventually made them the champion for the said competition. July 10, the finale, which was held at an open covered court in Circulo Verde Libis (where you can find the famous ZIP LINE, higher and longer than that in Tagaytay), we were the first team to showcase the cheer and even though there were minimal lapses during the presentation, the entire show is still extravagant! Hahaha. We’ve heard that the other team even got their DI from the FEU Pep Squad but that did not make any difference to the competition. 
I think is a great experience. I also thank the Greenhills General Manager, Ma’m Kathy for her kindness and active participation. Four days after, they got some kind of  victory celebration at the Family KTV along Greenhills strip and I was glad they invited me to join the fun. Hehehe. I will post the video and other photos as soon as I receive my copy.



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