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    Undas Weekend at Cordillera

    Mga 2 months ago, nadiskubre ko na may long weekend pala sa katapusan ng October. Ayos. Parang awit sa tenga kase ang ‘long weekend’. Ibig sabihin, mahaba-habang pahinga...

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    Drifting through Mt. Balagbag + Mt. Maranat

    I feel so blessed to be born and raised in Rizal. It’s a 2-hour ride province from Metro Manila that has it all – falls, rivers, mountain range, caves...

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    The Mt. Pulag Diary

    REAL-TIME ENTRY 10:11PM TERMINAL - Pasado alasdyes umalis ang bus. Masaya kaming nagkita-kita sa terminal. Si Drew, si Jaja, si Emjhay, si Alfred, si Erli, si Efraim and...

This should be quick. There should be no argument on this. It’s because Honor Thy Father as an art film is a no-questions-asked best picture material. It is not subtle. It is actually vulgar, artistically expressive and straight forward. It is discreetly loud. It is what society needs to see. The kind of film that you would want to witness in the big screen if you crave for films that are hashtag pinaghirapan, hashtag pinagisipan and hashtag inihanda ng mabuti. It is a masculine film with a heart….

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Fargo Review

Here I am again. Don’t know where to start. This often happens every time I come across with a masterpiece. And behold, Fargo is a masterpiece. Detailed and symbolical cinematography. Great, talented and charming cast. Profound opening scenes. Unique story line filled with dark humor and absurdity. Expertly executed photography (yes I so love the photography!). Outstanding editing and directing. Music that capture feelings. And above all, a well-written work of art.  Never a dull moment, or maybe you may think about some scenes as dull or slow, but sooner you’ll understand those…

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Heneral Luna

Whew! I really don’t know where to begin. Its just the 2nd day of this film and I know this will be hit, well hopefully. But Heneral Luna is the perfect balance of everything cinematic! A breath of freshest air to the Philippine cinema and a historical film like no other, really, like-no-other. The performances are superb na tipong papalakpakan mo literally because this is the kind of acting we’ve been missing for the longesssst time. The casting is more than excellent as every character complements each other….

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