10 Thoughts on The Lion King 2019

Like all Disney Classic remakes, The Lion King (2019) banks heavily on nostalgia and powerful CGI. And while animal emotions are less convincing, this classic remake didn’t disappoint in integrity and timeless storytelling.

Originally posted on my Facebook, 071819.

1. The great nostalgia started kicking in after seeing the title “The Lion King” in my movie ticket. Like, you would never thought your childhood favorite will hit the big screen again. I remember watching The Lion King with mudra back in our small town’s defunct moviehouse Lores Country Plaza in Antipolo, when the ticket was still around P15. I was only 7 yro. It was my first favorite Disney movie. Nagawa ko pang mangolekta ng Lion King stickers noon from Maggi noodles and Nido milk. I remember buying Maggi (Php4.50 lang nun) just because of the free stickers tapos itatapon ko lang yung buong pakete sa bubong. Before Mari Mar or Julio’t Julia or Titanic, there was Lion King. It was sensational.

2. Back to the remake, it is a feast in the eye. The CGI is very flawless from fur to water drops. In terms of graphics, this remake gave justice the classic deserves. There are times feeling namin nanonood kami ng Animal Planet. And the new generation of kids keeps screaming “whoa… whoa…”

3. I love how they rendered the original animation to live-action frame by frame. And even word by word with slightly new elements. The good thing about Disney remakes is that they are able to fix story loopholes. In the case of Lion King, it was Nala’s storyline and how Simba introduce new characters of his life to his old pals. 

4. The Pride Rock Opening Scene is where all legit nostalgia creeps in, that’s like welcoming you back to the time when life is still simpler and happier as a kid. It’s like a welcome message saying, “hold on tight and we will journey back to 1994”.

5. While this remake boasts in its visual glory, the biggest problem I think is the characters’ lack of emotion. Hahaha. These animals can’t act! There are times na parang nagbabasa ka lang ng thoughts nila. Some dub are even awkward. Kase nga sumisigaw na yung boses pero yung mukha, kalmado. 

6. There are some musical sequences that could have been more artistic. Pero yun yata talaga kase ang limitation ng wildlife CGI. Its less theatrical and more real and raw. But im glad they kept the upbeat spirit of Hakuna Matata. You’ll hear the audience singing to the song, including me. Hahaha. After all, it means no worries for the rest of your days.

7. I remember as a kid how traumatizing the death of Mufasa was. And this remake, reimagining that scene again is like, boy papatayin niyo na naman siya! Tho this remake parang they made the scene less emotional. There were Simba’s tears in the original animation and his face was nakakadala especially when he told Mufasa, “dad lets go home”. But this, again, siguro dahil di marunong umiyak ang cub in real life. Haha!

8. The remake showstoppers are Timon & Pumba. And the hyenas. Marami-raming Millennial-ish joke since Disney knew this is a gonna be a millennial movie where the 90s kids are now mid 20s to late 30s which is also apparent when you notice the people lining up to see the movie. Walang mga bagets. Puro working young adults. Timon and Pumba have so many puns. Hahaha.

9. A moment of silence to Queen B. Her voice respectfully modernized a timeless classic. And also to Seth Rogen for being the perfect Pumba. Hahaha. 🐗

10. 90s is the best era for movies, music and entertainment in general. And we, are lucky enough to catch the things we learned to love back for a whole new experience. Im proud to be a 90s gusgusing Lion King kid. Haha!




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